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"Rise is an amazing team of caring and kind experts that love what they do, and it shows!
I have done Pilates at several studios/gyms but felt frustrated that my injuries weren't properly considered during sessions, often resulting in setbacks. I am so grateful to have found Nikki, she is the real deal, medical professional + P/T + Pilates queen! So patient and incredibly knowledgeable, and such a pleasure to work with! Nikki gets it all, she remembers your weak areas and meets you where you are, pushing you gently to the next level. Lovely facility, extraordinary people!" -Janelle 


"I began physical therapy with Dr. Nikki and Dr. Kim for a knee replacement and repair of my left hip this last year. My goals were to increase strength, flexibility, and mobility. I am happy to say that, thanks to their care, I have improved in all of these areas. I am now able to care for my grandchildren two times a week and participate in my social groups, as well as family activities. Rise Physical Therapy has been instrumental with improving my quality of life!" -Kathy G. 

"I met Dr. Nikki at Rise through a mutual friend and have been working with her for the past 2 years. My goal was to gain strength and flexibility - all very important for my return to golf. Thanks to Nikki I was able to return to golf. I continue to work with Nikki, play golf, and have a renewed life! Rise also follows a strict COVID-19 safety protocol, making this a safe environment. I highly recommend Rise Physical Therapy, they are awesome!" -Roger G.  

"Three years ago my shoulder was broken due to a car accident. After receiving physical therapy in 2 different facilities, I was still in unbearable pain. Then my husband fell down six months ago bleeding from his hand and his knee . He was unable to walk without a walker. His Physician recommended Rise for Physical Therapy. Words cannot express the amazing results we received. It is located in a modern new building. When you open the door, you walk to an environment full of experts (Dr Kim, Dr Nicky and Maria) and the amazing front office (Nick). Everyone in this place is kind, happy, and caring. Not only did they give us such a great treatment but they gave us the ability to live normally once again. They should be a model for all other physical therapy facilities." -Nahid S. 

"If you need to see a Physical Therapist, look no further than Rise Physical Therapy and Pilates in Walnut Creek, California. Dr. Kim and Nikki are the best. Three months after a L5-S1 spinal fusion, the surgeon turned me loose to start physical therapy. Very quickly it was easy to figure out that these two ladies have the experience, knowledge, and passion to get you back to living a normal lifestyle. Their office is conveniently located near downtown Walnut Creek and close to Highway 24 and 680. In addition to getting you back in top condition, they make rehab enjoyable." -Dan M. 

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